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The first SEO agency in Rome

We have been helping companies to be first on Google since 2007

We are a Web and SEO Agency born in 2007 from an idea of a young entrepreneur, Simone Durante.

We help companies to define the best web marketing strategies, in terms of visibility and online sales.

Up to date, our agency is among the best in the Capital, carrying out specialized consultancy, advising our customers and supporting them in their daily tasks online.

Our main goal is to increase your return on investment (ROI), and make you earn more!

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Why choose us?

To win on the web you must also cover these areas:

Experience of an SEO consultant

Simone Durante

Senior SEO Consultant

Co-Founder of Overstep S.r.l and creator of the brands and and Internet enthusiast since the days of the 56k modem.

I’m a Digital Marketing expert, focused on traffic from SEO and SEM campaigns.

I’ve been involved in digital marketing game for over 10 years.

Today I help professionals and SMEs to enter the vast world of the Web, giving them the right directions to achieve goals they never hoped for before.


The strategy is the starting point of each type of investment. 

SEO itself is an investment: you are willing to pay a professional SEO, or a SEO agency and they will apply all their knowledge to bring tangible results and added value to your online business.

What they say about our SEO Agency

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Our digital partners


Optimization on search engines involves both the activity of structuring the contents, links and technologies of a website’s pages, and their enhancement from outside. 

The most famous search engine in the world is Google and it has evolved a lot from this point of view in recent years, adding to the classic ranking signals (PageRank and number of links from outside our site, good internal link structure, correct use of tags) other much more advanced factors (for instance, semantics of the text, assessments by a staff of the pages, quality of external links based on various criteria). 

We will therefore take care of the optimization of the pages, we will reorganize the structure, we will work in depth on the natural positioning of the main search engines, especially Google. 

Typical activities to deal with in these cases are:

  • Analysis of the most relevant keywords
  • Analysis of the structure and contents
  • Analysis of the existing link profile
  • Analysis of site statistics
  • Analysis of web marketing and copywriting

Without optimizing you are nobody on the web!

An invisible website is useless: it would be like having a shop in a street with prohibited access. Our job is to remove any block and give your business the space it deserves.

What can you improve on your site?

Optimizing a site is a complex activity since it concerns all the elements that make it up such as:

  • URL structure
  • Layout and formatting
  • HTML markup code
  • Graphics
  • Content
  • Interaction technologies
  • UX and usability
  • Site behavior on desktop devices, tablets and smartphones
  • Evaluation of the conversion funnel

SEO has changed (a lot) Today, a professional SEO must be highly evolved, technical and multi-disciplinary: in fact, they work closely with various teams, using specific professional skills from time to time. 

The chosen strategies will impact all the roles that are foreseen for the development of the website (web design, programming, web writing, the analysis of the most relevant keywords according to the sector and therefore to the service that the company wants to make visible on the search engines and therefore to the users who will seek it).

We offer you the opportunity to enter this world – thanks to our experience, professionalism and productivity. 

Let’s look at the concrete results

We are strongly focused on results: the number of clicks on search results, the percentage of bounce of your site, the number of visits but also the number of conversions that you will be able to produce, the true fulcrum of any digital marketing activity worthy of this first name.

Ask for information today!

SEO Roma will apply the best strategies to increase the ranking of your site, and thanks to our experience in positioning, we will give a new life to your business.

One step at a time … towards success!

The activities that we can carry out for you concern:

  • Customer site analysis
  • Analysis of the situation of competitors and the reference market
  • Analysis and drafting of the online Marketing plan
  • Analysis of high-performance keywords
  • Planning of activities in collaboration with the customer
  • Schedule of initial changes to the site
  • WEB Marketing plan implementation
  • WEB page optimization
  • Link popularity optimization
  • Analysis of statistics and reference KPIs
  • WEB Marketing plan review and new implementation
  • Fine Tuning on positioning